Friday, May 8, 2009

Amazing Silk Flowers

I found a website for those of us brides who want flowers but know that they're far too expensive to have real ones. The site is called

I know that your first thoughts when someone mentions fake flowers at a wedding are probably, "Tacky!" or "Cheap." But this site provides beautiful flowers that can pass for real ones, and the best part about it is that they're cheap.

PROS of having silk flowers:
  • Silk flowers will keep a lot of money in your pocket.
  • You can arrange the flowers days in advance instead of hoping they'll be what you want the night before your wedding.
  • You can get silk flowers in many colors that aren't possible naturally.
  • Every flower is "in season" when they're silk.
  • The silk flowers won't die so you can use them for your home decor after the wedding.
  • And finally, silk flowers are kind to people with allergies.
CONS of having silk flowers:
  • They won't always look anatomically correct.
  • Silk flowers don't have a scent (but this can be fixed by boxing them with potpourri for 24 hrs.)

Here's some bouquets that are made from the silk flowers featured on the Afloral website. All of these cost fractions of what the retail price is. (Click HERE to see the prices and products used).

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